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Turtle Creek Lodge and Stable

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29 Intrepid Drive,

Mermaid Waters,




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Australia, Australia


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stay and stables: The property: This beautifully renovated 80 year old Queenslander home, set on 14 acres, has retained its natural charm. A small crystal clear pebbled creek surrounds 2 sides of the property (you may even spot a turtle down there!). Relax by the pool or stretch out on the balcony and watch for local kangaroos and other native wildlife passing by. Accommodation for you: This delightfully cosy self-contained home has a luxurious kitchen with granite bench tops, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Take a relaxing bath in the deep and inviting cast iron claw-foot bath tub. Accommodation for your horse: Whether you prefer to stable your horse or put it in the pasture there is plenty of room. Other facilities: With lots of interesting rides out from the property including a ride to the Mt Nathan Winery through the State Forest or over to the Turtle Cafe for lunch on the weekend. They have a few rides mapped out in the area but there are some great rides from neighbouring Guanaba that lead right up to Mount Tamborine. The neighbouring State Forest makes this is a bird watchers dream. Close to Canungra, Canungra Valley Winery, Major Theme Parks, Adventure Land, Golfing, Cafes and much much more.

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