Unleash your inner adventurer: Gallop into unforgettable equestrian escapes in Europe

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start exploring Europe

What to know before visiting

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Our Members

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Location: United States

Equine Bodywork for Horse & Rider.

Location: Ireland

riding holiday packages include 2 nights B&B and 2 hours of Horse Riding in the Mid Lands of Ireland

Location: Romania

horseback riding excursions; english and western; cottages available for rent; one day rides available

Location: Spain

western-horseriding lessons and trails; lodging

Location: Slovenia

scenic riding programmes are an absolute dream for those who love nature and beautiful landscapes – the Karst region is incredibly green with varied terrain, hidden treasures and spectacular wildlife. Your riding trail will be on Icelandic Horses, Quarter Horses or Warm-bloods

Location: United Kingdom

an extensive network of permissive riding routes travelling through picturesque riverside and woodland areas; riding by permit only

Location: United Kingdom

open year round; riding by permit only in this ancient forest

Location: Romania

vacation in Transylvania, Romania, mythic land of Dracula, explore the Carpathian mountains; lodging; campfires; 25 – 35 km riding daily

Location: United Kingdom

Miles of horse trails and cycle routes in this forested public park

Between the Ears

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