An Authentic Western Horseback Adventure at a Dude Ranch

White Stallion Ranch

Because of the desire many have to experience the western lifestyle for themselves, there are thousands of dude or guest ranches spread throughout the United States, not to mention those in other countries like Canada and Mexico. This type of equestrian vacation allows the rider to find excitement in living for a time as a cowboy or cowgirl while experiencing many of the same things that they may have encountered if they were alive in the times of the old west.

The authentic western experience

white stallion ranch 10Not only does staying at a dude ranch offer you great horseback riding opportunities, but sometimes they include cattle drives, branding, country dancing and other western activities as well. Though a vacation at a guest ranch is centered around riding a horse and you often get assigned a specific horse that is yours while you are there, it is also much more than that. You get to enjoy authentic country food with occasional cookouts just like in the old west. And even when eating in a lodge, you can usually take you food out on the porch for a more authentic experience.

Many guest ranches also offer other activities such as fishing, rock climbing, or just exploring the wonders of nature that often span across the many acres of the ranch. And the thrill of it all is the option to see it from the back of horse. Some dude ranches even offer shooting and archery lessons.


With the comforts of home

The lodging options for guests at a dude ranch are usually very comfortable and often rank as deluxe resorts even though you will probably be lodged in real individual cabins or lodge suites. Though you will spend most of your time outdoors while at a dude ranch, a lot of time is available for participating in activities of your choice. And many guest ranches offer some indoor action for fun and relaxation such as ping pong, music, or reading in their library.

Most dude ranches have a capacity for anywhere from 25 to 50 guests, but if you prefer more of a solitude experience, there are some that can only house as little as four people at a time. Yet, if you like being around lots of people, larger ranches have hundreds of guests at a time, which provides more opportunity for making new friends.

Great for the family

white stallion ranch 8Though some dude ranches are strictly for adults, there are others that cater to the family. Since guest ranch activities are more loosely structured than say a single-day or multi-day horseback riding adventure, there is usually much more freedom to participate only in the activities that you want. This allows for a vacation where the whole family is able to enjoy themselves without feeling pressured into doing something they personally do not want to do.

Most dude ranches offer daily or weekly packages to cater to the needs of everyone. This type of equestrian adventure is the perfect dream vacation for many as they enjoy living the western lifestyle along with the relaxation and comfort that is often lost in the hustle of other types of travel.

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