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Equestrian Travel Association (ETA)

The Equestrian Travel AssociationTM (ETA) is a professional organization dedicated to the betterment of the equestrian travel industry as a whole. It’s membership consists of equestrian travel providers, outfitters, camps, clinics, ranches, and other businesses throughout the world that are involved in the industry. The ETA functions as the united voice of equestrian travel companies, groups and facilities while raising public awareness of the industry and setting uniform standards of high conduct for all approved members.

The ETA strives not only to promote equestrian travel and the various businesses of its membership, but to expand public awareness of the industry in order to increase overall equestrian travel market share within the travel and vacation marketplace. This entails sharing the fun and excitement of horseback travel and vacations with the public through various forms of media and public events. The association also encourages and facilitates various opportunities for networking and business relationships among its membership to increase profitability for all association members.

Professional standards required of all ETA members include honest business methodology, exceptional care and treatment of horses, and the finest quality in customer service. ETA members are recognized by customers within the equestrian travel trade as those with the highest standards in all aspects of their operations. When the emblem of the ETA is displayed on a website or in a place of business, it signifies that the business has been approved by the association and is currently in good standing.

The Equestrian Travel AssociationTM (ETA) is a professional association representing equestrian travel vacations, outfitters, camps, and clinics. From guided horseback riding tours to equine transportation providers the ETA works with equestrian businesses across the globe.

The Equestrian Travel AssociationTM (ETA) was developed as a voluntary option for businesses that offer riding vacations, horse accommodations and dude ranch vacations to commit to a high level of excellence in horse and customer care wherever they may be located.

The ETA is governed by an Advisory Board made up of members involved in all aspects of the equestrian field. These Advisors support the members of the ETA in their quest to provide the very best possible care for their horses as well as outstanding experiences for their customers in all areas of the industry. All members also agree to adhere to the standards as set forth by the ETA, allowing consumers to plan and book their next equestrian vacation with confidence.

The ETA has established the highest standards in the equestrian travel industry that require members to conduct business according to a set of professional guidelines; including superior horse care and exceptional customer service.

Our Mission
Enhancing Equestrian Travel Experiences

1. To raise awareness

To raise awareness of and promote the equestrian travel industry.

2. To establish

To establish “best practices” and operating standards in the equestrian travel industry.

3. To increase the quality

To increase the quality of horse care, training and equestrian facilities.

4. To raise the bar

To raise the bar regarding the quality of guest services.

5. To provide a unifying voice

To provide a unifying voice that promotes and facilitates knowledge sharing, publicity and networking among ETA members.

Our Advisory Board

The Equestrian Travel AssociationTM (ETA)  Advisory Board Members feature  a broad mix of professionals from many walks of life – from horse care, instructor training, professional and therapeutic riding to customer service, supplier relations, international travel, PR and marketing – these five individuals will continue ETA’s mission of establishing “best practices” and operating standards in the equestrian travel industry, to increase the quality of care for horses in this sector and to raise quality standards for guest services.

the foundation of eta

Advisory Board Members


Meghan Brady

Meghan, the Member Liaison and Founder, is a vital asset to the equestrian travel association. She excels in communicating with members and raising awareness for the industry through engagement with the public, travel agents, and the media. Meghan is also a successful business owner, offering equine bodywork and consulting services. Through her business, she teaches horse and rider biomechanics, conducts evaluations, and organizes fundraising initiatives. Meghan’s dedication, passion, and exceptional skills make her an invaluable asset to the association and the equestrian travel community.

Jennifer Hopton

Jennifer is an ETA Partner that brings a wealth of experience in finance and the travel and hospitality industries. Her financial acumen and business acuity have allowed her to navigate the equestrian world with precision and strategic thinking. Jennifer is also a devoted equestrian with a deep passion for horses and a particular affinity for dressage. Her commitment to horses drives her to continue to pursue opportunities that allow her to positively contribute to the equine world.


Myles Hopton

Myles is an esteemed ETA advisory member with extensive expertise in equine care and facility management spanning over 30 years. With a strong passion for horses, he has dedicated his career to ensuring the well-being and optimal health of these magnificent creatures. In addition to his vast experience in equine care, Myles is also a skilled equine dentist, proficient in providing dental care to horses, mules, and donkeys. His wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience make him a valuable asset to the Equestrian Travel AssociationTM.


Brendan Curtis

Brendan Curtis is a highly skilled and dedicated member of the Equestrian Travel AssociationTM, serving as an advisory member. With over 20 years of experience in equine facility and horse care, training, and management, Brendan is a true expert in his field. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety for horses and equestrian facilities. Brendan’s passion for horses and commitment to the equestrian community make him an invaluable asset to the association.


Charlotte Bredahl

Horsemanship Advisor to the ETA, who has been tasked with assisting with rider education and training; drawing on her experience as a USEF and FEI rated judge, renowned horse trainer and a Bronze medal winning member of the 1992 US Olympic Team, among other prestigious competitive honors.


Edie Dopking

Edie Dopking will serve as ETA’s Non-Profit Management Advisor, utilizing her expertise in non-profit management, equine therapy and accessible programs – including running her very own national recognized equine therapy center.


Cheryl Luciani

Cheryl Luciani serves on the Board as the Hospitality Advisor with her immense background in the travel industry both nationally and internationally. 

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