Equestrian Vacation That’s Right For You

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Whether you are an experienced rider looking for a challenging adventure in the saddle or a beginner looking for a new way to travel and see the world, there’s an equestrian vacation that’s right for you.

Equestrian vacations typically fall into two main categories; stationary, where you return to the same accommodation each evening, or progressive, where each day of riding takes you to a new location. Choosing a stationary horse vacation provides you the opportunity to take a break from the saddle to explore other activities in the area. While a progressive ride offers the potential to experience a wider range of scenery and terrain in your chosen location with some rides covering hundreds of miles over a number of days with limitless riding opportunities.

Each equestrian tour facility provides its own guidelines regarding the minimum level of riding ability required for each horse travel experience but it’s also important to be realistic about your general level of fitness to get the most enjoyment from your trip. There are a wide range of equestrian activities available, catering for every level of riding experience. Here are some of the most popular:

Adventure riding – allows you to live your dream of getting off the beaten trail and take the road less traveled. This type of horse adventure offers the potential to explore some of the most remote and unspoiled areas of the world, with some locations only accessible on horseback. Adventurous beginners and thrill seeking experienced riders alike will find there’s an option that provides just the right degree of challenge. Normally a progressive ride, accommodation can be everything from luxurious guest houses to wilderness camping under the stars.

Equestrian safari trips – are often stationary in a location that provides maximum potential to get up close and personal with the local wildlife. If big game spotting appeals to you, this is the equestrian vacation for you. The main advantage of a horseback safari is that many wild animals are intrigued by the presence of horses and will choose to come closer.

Dude Ranch vacations – provide the opportunity to live your dream of riding in the wide open spaces, unfettered by fences, roads and artificial barriers. You’ll thrill at the sound of pounding hooves as the wranglers round up the horses in the morning. Riders of all ages and abilities can get involved in everyday cowboy life and gain an authentic experience of life on the range.

Cultural riding experiences– immerses you in the culture of your vacation destination, these trips give riders the opportunity to explore the area, taste the local delicacies, join in with local traditions and enjoy a truly unique sightseeing experience from their saddle vantage point.

Since equestrian travel opportunities are available internationally choosing the right vacation means considering where in the world you want to go as well as the type of riding you want to do. Connect with The Equestrian Travel AssociationTM on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about equestrian travel opportunities.