Your Dream Ride on a Horseback Vacation

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Equestrian travel is a vacation planned around horseback activities that allows you to experience rides or tours that offer an exciting adventure. It allows you to experience your dream horse ride while on your vacation in a different environment and location. Whether horseback riding on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii or upon the Gaelic Trails to the Cliffs of Moher Ride in Ireland, you can experience a thrill of freedom that lifts you up out of the stress of mundane life.

Horseback adventures all over the world

There are horseback rides and tours available all over the world from the mountains and valleys of South America to the deserts of Egypt. Whatever you contemplate as your dream ride, there is most likely a horseback adventure already awaiting you that will meet your expectations. There are usually a large selection of horses, allowing you to find that perfect horse you can bond with for that special ride. And after you encounter your first horseback vacation, you may find yourself longing for more. The good news is that there are so many more horseback adventures throughout the world, that you could not possibly experience them all in one lifetime.

Different types of equestrian vacations

Another great thing about equestrian travel is that there are a large variety of options that have been created to cater to the needs of almost everyone. There are daily rides that can range from a few hours to a full day, but there are also long multi-day rides for the more ardent rider. In addition, there are dude or guest ranches in the United States and Canada that allow the rider to experience the real feel of living the old western lifestyle of a ranch rider as a cowboy or cowgirl. And then there are the lovely beach rides, where you can gallop along the shore of your favorite beach as the waves crash gently by your horse’s feet.

Planning for the future

If you have ever imagined yourself on the back of your chosen horse in the location of your dreams, then you will hopefully experience that adventure on a real equestrian vacation sometime in the future. Fortunately, planning equestrian travel is no longer a difficult task since this is a growing industry. There are numerous equestrian vacation agencies that can assist you in finding a horseback adventure that matches your personal needs and requirements. Overall, equestrian travel can be a different type of vacation that many have not yet experienced, but a fun and exciting one for those who like horses.